Our Story


Ayaz Ahmad who is one of the co. founders of ‘Ever East Limited’ had a dream in which he was told by God to start this new venture.

As a Psychology graduate and a qualified teacher, Ayaz struggled to secure permanent work in the teaching profession. However, he knew this was a test from God and kept on striving for work to provide for his family.

In 2017, before going to bed, he made a supplication to God that may God give him an idea to start a new business. In his dream, he heard a voice which told him to manufacture marinades using his Father’s unique secret recipes since 1984. Ayaz woke up from his dream with joy and happiness and thanked the Almighty in prostration for this great idea. Ayaz was amazed by the dream as he was familiar with his Father’s unique secret recipes, since he worked in the past as a teenager at his Father’s Fast Food Takeaways. He then told his Father who was astonished by his dream, who then promised to share his secret recipes.

Ayaz then decided to get this idea into reality by sharing his dream with his sister and asking her to come on the journey. His sister ‘Aisha’ realised the potential and agreed to join hands. As they say, “The rest is history.”


Being an extremely spontaneous individual, our Father always enjoyed new ventures. Many platforms were of interest, but one that mostly intrigued our Father was the curiosity behind the legendary flavours and spices of food.  This prompted him to join the food industry in 1984.

Whilst being busy running takeaways, he made time for his hobby which was experimenting and improvising with different types of spices. Our Father worked very hard and put a lot of effort into coming up with the best marinades. His hard work paid off when he had many happy customers.

Unfortunately, in 2001, life took a devastating turn. Our Father underwent a heart transplant and his health severely deteriorated. However, being a man of high spirits Daddy never believed in giving up.

In 2017 after listening to Ayaz’s dream, the same feel for venture arose again. The same passion and desire to make it all happen started again. Our Father being the most generous of people shared his recipes with us and now we are sharing the taste with you.

Certificates Of Analysis

  • ✔ Microbiology Testing
  • ✔ Nutrition Testing
  • ✔ Shelf Life Microbiology Testing